Keeper of the Past Genealogy helps people connect to their ancestors by bringing them alive with the stories of their lives through genealogical documentation and research creating a snapshot in time of who they were.  When a picture of an ancestor is painted, they become alive again, if only for a brief moment and then you can connect with those whose blood runs within your own veins.

Bonnie Wade Mucia

Bonnie Wade-Mucia is a Professional Genealogist and owner of Keeper of the Past Genealogy.  As a native New Englander, she became fascinated with her family history and has been researching her genealogy for over 30 years.  Bonnie the Director of the Silver Book Project at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. She is a ProGen Study Group 34 Alumnae, Boston University Genealogical Certificate OL23 program graduate, as well as several genealogical institutes such as IGHR, SLIG, GRIP. Bonnie is currently working towards her accreditation with ICAPGen.